5 reminders for moms raising toddlers

These are 5 things I have learned as a mom THUS FAR!

1. Ask for help!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help from family and friends. Often times moms get burnt out or extremely stressed trying to do everything on their own. Ask your husband or partner for help and don’t get mad when they don’t do it exactly like you would. Its going to get done either way.


Keep it simple sweetie (we are far from stupid). It takes time to establish a regimen and even after you have one your wonderful child switches things up on you! They go through different stages that can completely mess up a schedule or regimen that you’ve worked so hard to keep up on. Let it go! Oh well! I’m not saying don’t have a plan at all or try to remain organized because mentally we all need structure but don’t feel that you have failed just because things did not go according to plan. Keep things simple, remember to let it go and flow.

3. Remember this is your family

We live in a social media world and are often times intimitated by influencers. I see so many influencers on youtube or Instagram with these plans that they do with raising their toddlers. Some are realistic and some are like really…you know you lying! lol!I wish we would just share the honest truth. Don’t compare your life/family life to what someone posts because that is only a glimpse and not the whole picture.

4. Take a time out

Just like your kids need a time out to go sit in a corner and ponder so do you! Take care of yourself too! You cant pour into your children from an empty cup. Set up time wheter that be one hour once a week or an entire day once a month. Set up a time where its mommy time. You are just as important! Take a walk, read a book, take yourself out to dinner. Do something that you want to do for YOU!

5. You are not in this alone

You are not the only one with a toddler that likes to put food in her hair or throw tantrums because you tell them not to put stick food up their nose. Your kids are not weird its apart of them growing up. Trust me one day you will look back and laugh at all the times you had to pick mashed potatoes out your little ones hair. 🙂

MOMS UNITED! I hope these were great reminders for you moms out there! We got this!

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